Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Bolt Action Game - cinematics

Well, SCWH Historical played it's first Bolt Action game last night...and it was great fun. The pace was extremely slow, we had to look up pretty much everything and we had to keep it really simple, but at the end of the day it inspired us to paint up some more models and do a bit more studying.

Germans vs Americans, with small armies, with a couple of squads each, a tank and a few special weapons teams. Here are a few pictures (breath easy, no battle report..) that really make it clear this game is succesful because you really get to live in it. As Allessio Cavatore keeps saying, the game is very cinematic.

First squad observing the target building

the commander is pondering his options

but of course the Germans are way ahead and are preparing to fight off the attack

And here is a counts-as-Tiger, rumbling along

This man lost his buddy with bazooka to a german sniper, and the german commander is looking for the second man

As you can tell from the pictures, there is of reality of the events when they happen. I am not talking about the rules, but more the occasion, the fact there really was a war and not some made up fantasy story. It helps me enjoy the game a bit more and i identified myself with some of the models - strange but fun. After six turns the Germans were victorious, but it was close.

I enjoyed this (long) video in which Alessio Cavatore, the designer of the game, hosts a demo game with Beasts of War. Besides the rules and such, it really gives me a sense of how this game should be played: lighthearted with a concious eye on history. Check it out:

Beasts of War: Bolt Action demo game part 1

Beasts of War: Bolt Action demo game part 2

Sc Mike


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