Friday, November 1, 2013

Bolt Action 1000 point US Army is finished!

I finally finished my US 1000 point army. Modeled on the 92nd with all African American soldiers and one white captain, which was, amazingly, the reality. Its has been fun to honor these heroes with a little troop of models!

Here's the my 30 cal MMG group. I decided to add all three on a 60 mm base and added some ruins and bricks.

Since the army has 10 10 man units, I decided to make one look like they are observing.....
and one is shooting and assaulting.

SC Mike


  1. Very nice work I like the basing you have applied to this entire force as well it really finishes them off nicely.

  2. 4th pic, kneeling chap at the front's gun is missing it's brown wood stock colour. :)

    Lovely looking force though. Have been considering picking up a few brits to have for some platoon-level action in a campaign I'm planning. Seeing great painted collections like these only makes it harder to resist spending the $$$ and adding to the paint queue.

  3. Very nice work! I really love this force.

    On a side note, it is funny that we are shocked that a unit of black soldiers would be led by a white officer. Most Americans don't really understand how normal this really was at the time. The Indian army was mostly led by English officers and the French colonial forces were similarly led. I guess the issue has to do with the fact that black soldiers in the US army were citizens deserving of equal protection whereas non-white troops in European armies were colonial subjects. In the end it is our high ideals and expectations that makes us feel (rightly) shame over how these men were treated. It takes a special person(s) to live outside the norms of their time and place, and sadly, this was normal.

  4. dai: you are right, that guy and the one next to him! I still am going to go through and clean up all the models. ALmost done, thanks for your sharp eye.
    robert: great thoughts, the kind of stuff I was thinking about setting up this blog
    andrew: thanks, love doing basing

  5. Mike, awesome work man, I would love to see this force in person, you need to make a trip out to Phoenix AZ for a game or two. Oh and we are going to be doing a two day event for Bolt action, you can see more info here

  6. Tim, thanks for the kind words. I checked out your page and wish I could attend! If you are ever on vk in santa cruz, let us know beforehand and we can try to put in a game at the local gamestore.

  7. Great job on these!

  8. Superb work on the figures and vehicles.