Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A few soldiers, getting more confidence

In my Warhammer 40K work I have always enjoyed working on bases to give the model a real world to live in. So, with my American soldiers, fighting in Northern Italy in 1944-45, I also wanted to give them a bit more then just some flock and sand.

Here are the some guys in the works.
For basing I use stones from Galeforce Nine, cut up into smaller pieces. The sand is beach sand, which is extremely fine and has good scale proportions for 1/28. Here's a pic of the stone product:

Once painted I keep the stonework bone colored with white higlights, to mimick the lime stone prevalent in buildings in Northern Italy in those days. The sand I also paint bone, but after washing I don't highlight it with white, so it stays a bit darker.
Here's a previous shot of a group of guys done, so you can see the color scheme. I also like how all the colors kind of work together, which seems logical from a military standpoint, better to blend in.

I have gained a bit of confidence in building these little guys and attempted a small conversion. Using a regular kneeling guy, cut off one of his legs and adding it to a standing model. Now we can have a trooper surveying the land. It gives the squad a more diverse look. Not sure where this one will fit in but its fun to play with. The base still needs sand.

I want to end with this great image of somewhere in Italy in 1945, and I nice idea for some decals for a jeep (it might have to be freehand):

SC Mike


  1. I love experimenting with bases myself, it really makes or breaks a good mini.

  2. i agree. give the model some context