Monday, August 5, 2013

Painted: this M8 Greyhound is ready for (Bolt) Action!

The picture above was my inspiration for the 1/48 Tamiya M8 Greyhound for my Bolt Action American army, based on the Road to Anzio army list from the rulebook. Below the pre-painted version:
and here's the painted version: 
The backpacks are a mix of Bolt Action and Hobby boss packs (left overs from the Sherman). 
 The Tamiya kit doesn't have decals that match any of the units active in the Northern Italy theatre, so I chose the one that had the most modest decal look - the yellow lettering you see on many Greyhounds were active in Northern France, so I stayed away from those. 
 One cool thing: Tamiya did supply the decal for this vehicle, during an action shot in Northern France:
The kit comes with the Colbert markings - pretty cool. You can see the yellow lettering on this shot as well. Too bad I couldn't use it.

Here's a picture of Brazilian soldiers in Northern Italy, who together with the 10th Mountain and the 92 Inf Div made the push in the spring offensive in 45. I couldn't make out much of this greyhound but it is an impressive shot:

I painted the inside of the kupola as well - light grey with dirt and soot - but you can't really see it in this shot: 

Here's a link on the how to of the making of sandbags, handy in case you haven't done that yet. 
This model is a wonderful kit to put together and the scale works perfectly with the Bolt Action models. The advantage is of course that these kits are much more detailed the the BA vehicles (and a lot cheaper!)

SC Mike


  1. Superb work on the conversion and painting of this vehicle. Checked out your link on sandbags, great idea with using a textured cloth to get the pattern on the sandbags, thanks for sharing.
    I have yet to paint any vehicles but I have a few ww2 vehicles in the wings. It would be great if you could share your paint recipe and method for painting this wonderful vehicle that you have done.

    1. Just checked out how you painted your Sherman in a previous post and answered my own question.

    2. thanks Pat, means a lot, since your stuff is just amazing and I am just starting out doing the WW2 stuff. Upwards and onwards!

  2. This is really great work. I found your site from Mythic Games. I run a blog about gaming and added your site to my recommended sites list. Keep up the good work.

    1. thanks man! Maybe come say hi at the SCWH hobby night, 1st wed of the month