Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Paying respects

On the weekend we made a day trip to San Francisco and also visited the National Cemetery in the Presidio. About 30.000 soldiers have been buried here, from post Civil War till the current day, with the most current being that of a young soldier who gave his life in Iraq. There were fresh flowers on this grave but his picture had blown away in the wind, so my daughter and I fixed it back up.

It was humbling, walking around there. I don't want to cheap sounding, but it moved me being there and it reminded me that the many conflicts our country has been part of, has asked a lot of it's citizens. I also was reminded of things I have no knowledge of, but want to know more about, like the Spanish American war in the late 1800's.

My daughters and wife loved walking around there and reading the inscriptions, some grandiose, some just loving and heartfelt.

For more pictures about this amazing memorial site, click here

And here's a statue a El Cid, the militairy genius from the turn of the first milennium, a grand figure, fighting Muslims and Christians the like. The statue is in front of the Legion of Honor in SF.

SC Mike

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