Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quick Update: Bolt Action US captain plus a purchase!

I finished a Captain for my Anzio American BA army. The officers in the 92nd were white, so I painted him that way. He a armed with a BAR and a pistol. The figure is nice and comes from the metal command blister, but I did change his head to make him a bit more regal.

Today I also bought this:
On the press release Warlord actually added this image with African American soldiers preparing the gun, it looks like Northern Italy since the uniforms look early war to me. It will make a nice informative picture for my model, when it comes in

SC Mike


  1. Great job on a cool mini!

    I really must get working on my own US force soon..


  2. thanks Dave. Yeah, this model is excellent, as is the stretcher carrier that is in the same blister!