Thursday, August 22, 2013

The tank museum Part Three (final): Russians, British and others

Here's the final part of our visit to the Militairy Vehicle Technology Foundation. this past weekend with a more random selection of images, including some Russian tanks so here we go:

The parking lot had some IDF vehicles, old armor from the Israeli Defense Force.
 The Sherman was used in the 1967 war. You can see the desert markings on it. There is also an M75, the precursor to the M113, on the left behind it.
Here's a Russian T 34 /85
Forward hatch and compartment; as you can see on the picture above, the opening is pretty small

Hull Art! 
Some nice details come in handy once you start modeling this bad boy! 
and a pic of the information sheet. Every vehicle in the museum has it, and I loved reading where the actual vehicles came from. 
Don't remember what tank this was, but this gives a good idea of the addition of extra armour. For modeling purposes, that should be easily replicable with greenstuff.

The museum has a large WW2 weapon collection. Here's a Russian RPG, still in use in many conflicts

and a British PIAT 
Here's a Russian T34/76, built in 1942 
again, with nice details in case you ever would want to build one in scale! 
And here's a British Churchill 

The museum has countless modern tanks as well, vehilces from all over the world, including Leopards, Challengers, Russian SCUD missiles and much, much more. Please give them a visit, the nicest people, all volunteers, running the visiting days. Remember, send them an email with your visit plan, since the place is NOT open except for appointment. 
Here's the website: MVTF

Hope you enjoyed this!

SC Mike


  1. Great stuff Mike, thanks for sharing! I've added those T-34 shots to my inspiration folder, getting excited to start trying some builds soon!


  2. Hey, I see you are doing a fantastic job on these but I have to correct you on one thing.
    In the picture where you are talking about the 19678 IDF Sherman tank, you mention there is a M113 behind it. It's actually a M75, the version before the M113.

    I know this for sure as at the base where I am stationed has one placed as a monument and I pass it every day :)

    I only do this because I appreciate the joy and passion you show in here :)

    1. Maerlen, thanks for helping me on this, I corrected it. I appreciate the kind words and hopefully you keep reading the blog.

  3. Hi Mike
    I've just had a most enjoyable visit to your blog and particularly your posts on the visit to the tank museum. What an amazing collection! I noticed in the first photo in this post a smaller cream-coloured tank to the right of the Israeli Sherman. Although its only visible end on it looks just like a British 'Matilda'. I recognised it as I've just built a model of it for my Australians in Greece force. They had nine of them on Crete in 1941 where the British, Australian and New Zealand forces took on Hitler's elite Fallschirmjaeger (paratroops) (Op MERCURY). If it is in fact a Matilda it's as rare as hens teeth as there are very few early war tanks left. The Matilda was used extensively in the Middle East where it was largely replaced by Crusaders, Grants and Stuarts (Honeys) by 1942 - one of the reasons that this tank, if it is a Matilda, would be so rare. Thanks for posting your visit to the museum - its a very valuable resource for gamers and modellers putting together WW2 AFVs. Great blog too!