Friday, October 25, 2013

Homemade Wrecked Vehicle Markers!

Having played a few games of Bolt Action now, it has always been kind of anticlimatic when one of the vehicles on the battlefield blows up and we have to use black felt to make it look like smoke. So I figured I would throw something together that looks decent:

I used some old clump foliage from Woodland Scenics:

...and spray it black. After that a bit of dry brushing with orange and yellow and an overall drybrush of light grey and voila! It's done:

I attached the clump foilage to a Games Workshop base (and magnetized it for easy transport). It works nice, since the base is just small enough to fit in the turret openings on my models. That way the smoke really seems to come out from the inside.

Easy does it. I am planning on make a few more but bigger.

Part of me realizes that I am glad this is a game for all of us. When I was looking for a good historical image for this post, I saw a lot of exploding tanks and it made me realize those images are real, which all the victims being real people, not models. I think I like Bolt Action partly because of that, it's my way of paying respect to history and the soldiers who were sent out in those days.

SC Mike


  1. Thats really nice!
    I make the same sort for my Flames armies.
    I've been looking into BoltAction and i'm a Santa Cruzan.
    (Bonny-Dooner really)
    I've got the rules and a British infantry box.
    My pal Steve and i just started a S.C FoW club , but i'd like to expand to bolt action.
    are there many B.A players here?

  2. Hey Grumpus, why don't you come say hi at Mythic on WED the 6th, in a week and a half. John and I will play some Bolt Action and we will have some other people around