Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mama and baby

My friend John gave me some of his Flames of War Americans to paint up and it seemed like a fun project. Now, having painted a few models, I decided to paint a bunch of his models, because it's fun and because he doesn't have to do it. So here is the first one, as a test....I will have to improve a bit on this...

....and here is a M8 Greyhound. I recently finished one of those for my Bolt Action US Army, so it seemed like a good moment to capture Mama and baby.

 The decal doesn't come with the blister of the Greyhound, an oversight I think, so I grabbed a little one from a Sherman Squadron decal sheet. I think it makes it look a lot better.

SC Mike


  1. cool 15mm and 28mm so about half scale

  2. Your vehicles are superb in whatever scale.

  3. Thanks Pat, appreciate it. Check out the next post, which will feature a 1/48 sace Deuce and a Half

  4. No, that looks great. Just remember at 15mm scale, detail is not so important as contrast where painting is concerned. Look forward to more 15mm!

  5. thanks Dai, and nice work yourself on your blog. I added you to this blogroll, your historical stuff looks great!