Monday, December 9, 2013

British 8th Army: 1st squad finished- Perry min vs the world

A while back my friend SC John gave me a box of the much discussed Perry Miniatures "Desert Rats'. He bought some Afrika Korps Germans from the same range and we decided to put together a desert themed battlefield, with 2 nice looking armies.

Just to make sure, here's the box set that I got:

Upon opening, I noticed one thing right away: these models have absolutely great detail. The sculpts are crisp with plenty of detail, including tiny shirt buttons. To be honest, i realized I am not a good enough painter to honor these little guys. Here's the radio man, which will become my forward observer for my Spitfire.

You can see the nicely detailed torso, with plenty of detail to work with - far superior to Warlord. it's not really strange, keep in mind the Perry twins have been in this game for a long time and have sculpted plenty of model classics. The only complaint I have about the set, is that there are no shirt sleeve decals. I had to paint mine on, which looks fine from afar but poor upclose.

Here's the painted squad:

All the models are on Games Workshop bases with Litko magnetic adhesive for easy transportation. I kept the ground on the base minimalistic, the way desert looks where there is a lot of foot traffic.

Much has been said about the Desert Rats' size, which is slightly smaller then the Bolt Action models. I have even read people saying they wouldn't model or play them, since the size difference bothered them so much....well here is a comparison, with a Victoria Miniatures (traitor)guardsmen included. The medic is metal, and the metals are actually a bit bulkier then the new plastics from Warlord.

Now you can't tell me the Perry minis are SO far off, you won't play with them?

SC Mike 


  1. They are really small. Very nice, but very small. I will end up using mine when I get some of the DAK. Maybe one day they will do plastic FJ and my Crete dream will come true.

  2. They're good enough for me.

    And sized up against your mate's Perry's Desert Hun, no-one's going to see the difference anyhow.

    Love the basic bases.