Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bolt Action: British Crusader MKIII for British 8th Army

When the British arrived in Northern Africa and fought the Germans, their cruiser tanks were seriously outgunned by their adversaries. The British valued speed over armour and the cruiser tanks, like the Crusader, was faster then any other tank. But the guns were too small and the armour too light.

Here's a great image of a bunch of Crusaders MKII with the lighter guns.

It;s an amazing shot of life in the desert for a tank crew!

Here's the upgrade the British introduced soon after, the Crusader MKIII. It had upgraded armour AND a 6 pounder cannon, that would put up a much better fight against the German tanks.

You can see the turret had to be changed to facilitate the larger gun and it took away a crew member. The commander was also the loader, which didn't improve productivtiy...

Here's a crew cleaning a gun, you can see it's much bigger then the MKII

Here's the Tamiya 1/48 scale kit that I built. Tamiya gives two color schemes as options, a green one (later desert war) and the earlier yellow/black one. 

 I chose the latter, since I have painted enough green armour for a while after finishing my US 92nd army. Tamiya based their yellow black camo scheme on this tank: 

...and I faithfully copied it:

Now a bit of a gripe with scale in Bolt Action. It really bugs me that the Bolt Action vehicles are so small. it just doesn't look good and after spending dollars and countless hours on a model, I want it to look great in my army. Even 1/48 scale is a bit small, but certainly much more realistic then the 1/56 scale that Warlord produces. I really wish they would switch to 1/48 scale. There are not many vehicles in the game anyway, so it really doesn't have a big foot print on the game table.

Below the Perry minis next to the 1/48 scale Crusader. 

Here's an image that gives you proper proportions

Hope this inspires!
SC Mike


  1. Nice work man, I too have the same model and I also hate the fact Warlord is doing 1/56th scale models. This reason is why I have not bought any of their vehicles, once again great work man.

  2. thanks Tim. I wish there was a way to make them change it in the next rule set....

  3. You've done a great job there. That Crusader 3 turret was also used on the awesome Staghound 3 I think.

    Bolt Action in 15mm has interested me for a bit of late. Have you tried playing at that scale?

    1. 15mm is not for me, I am a modeler at heart and that is just not detailed enough for me..thanks for the kind words!

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