Monday, February 3, 2014

Scratchbuilt terrain Part 2: three row houses

I finished this larger terrain piece over the last week or so; but in my excitement I completely forgot to take any production pictures, and so the finished terrain piece is all I can offer you.

With the images above you can see both viewpoints in the front. With the same grey paint scheme as described in Part ONE of this series, and similar burn damage around the areas that have taken a big hit. The piece is about 12 inches long and the three houses individually are the same size as the single one from part one.

I added broken glass to the windows, using old blister packaging. It really adds a nice touch and is very simple, as you can see below, there is glass in all three windows.
In contrast to the monochramatic front, I decided to paint the back more colorful. Also, I imagined it to be three separate houses, so they would all have different interior colors.

Here's a back view of glass in the top window

Some models for scale. All the doorways are large enough for models to walk through. I find it looks better cinematically during the game if the models can actually move through the terrain in a realistic manner

The left top of the piece has a little ledge that could hide a lonely sniper...

but the piece is also big enough for a good size squad!

It's fun to photograph the models inside this model...

this one looks awesome!

Again, here's Part One of the 3-part series, which concludes Wednesday!

Hope this inspires! And anyone in the Bay Area that wants to play Bolt Action, we are playing this coming wednesday evening at Mythic Games in Santa Cruz which has just added the Bolt Action line to its product offerings!

SC Mike


  1. really nice work! How did you do the brickwork and tiles?

  2. hi knight, check out the link in part one. in that post I added the links to the styrene sheets that I used.

  3. Holy heck mate, very nice series of posts on these buildings.

    You've really put some impressive effort in.

  4. That is utterly superb. I am jealous of your skills/