Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bolt Action for WW1? That would be sweet..

Last week my buddy Christian gave me a tank to paint for his new project: Flames of War, WW1, a supplement that allows FOW to take their game back from WW2 to the Great War. There are a modest amount of models available and I got to paint one of them, the British Whippet medium tank, a kind of armoured tractor that was used from 1917 on as an anti-infantry weapon.

The model looks great for such a small kit and it was a lot of fun painting. I finished it in about an hour and started looking up stuff about this vehicle, to learn a bit more about it's history.  While browsing, I encountered so many interesting images, vehicles and uniforms, I immediately was fantasizing about a Bolt Action version that plays in 14-18. I think the Great War lends itself uniquely to wargaming, since during that war the strategies were really a mix between old and new styles of warfare. It would allow for some really great modeling options:

Of course there are already plenty of companies that create WW1 kits and recently I worked with Trenchworx, a small US company that creates excellent tanks for wargaming in 28mm. They ran a kickstarter a while back with WW1 vehicles and have done a nice job with them, like this Rolls Royce:

or this St. Chamond:

I recently watched this video of the Perry twins creating 54 mm WW1 models for director Peter Jackson for a massive battle display in New Zealand, check out this great little news item here. You can see that the 54mm models are ready to go, they just have to be shrunk a bit...
So there is a lot of attention  now on this period and it would be nice if larger players like Warlord, Perry Miniatures  (or even Games Workshop!) would really commit themselves to creating a complete WW1 game for 28 mm. Any thoughts?

SC Mike 


  1. Hi!

    Well, we have promising sign for 28mm WW1. But I think the big players saving the gunpowder for 2018.
    Warlord games already have 28mm tanks. The Great War Miniatures have a lovely huge range in 28mm. Victrix (late British and German) and Tsuba (early German) infantry miniatures both planning plastic 28mm boxes.
    I play Bolt Action WW1 Balkan front and RCW, my blog is in Hungarian, but my opponent has battle reports in English:
    Some pictures:

    Bolt Action works very well for all kind of XX. century games, I think. I even use for participation games in historical events, to teach the kids why WW1 was so blody. After 3 turns, they using the rules smooth.

  2. I use Bolt Action for Freikorps, RCW and VBCW. Works fine.

  3. I have had dreams of Poncho Villa/Mexican adventure games using BA for a while. I even started painting and collecting Mexican Revolutionaries a couple of years ago.

    1. I think our buddy SC John would like that idea...

  4. Why would GW be interested in historical warmgaming mate?


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    The Great War Miniatures have a lovely huge range in 28mm. Victrix (late British and German) and Tsuba (early German) infantry miniatures.