Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Scratch built terrain Part 3: walls, barn, ruin and putting it all together!

Here's the third and final post of this short series about making scratch built terrain. As with all the terrain in this series, it's all meant to be functional and accessible, not just terrain for show.

Let's start with a set of low walls
The walls have a base of Warhammer Fantasy movement tray, built up with balsa wood piece which was then covered with the styrene cobble stone sheets. 
In order to make good transitions between the different wall pieces, I made some pillars, which frame the corners nicely. I made a total of 5 pieces plus three little pillars, which could make a good size yard or so.

On to the ruin. Again, the same size as all the houses in this set, but this time very functional and open and with a upper level. As you can see, adding sand to the edges of the ruined walls really adds realism later on.
Here's the painted version:

and with a squad in it. Good looking cover!

I made an open garage/barn like structure, which again is open and very accessible.

With roof tiles to make it look snazzy

And here is the whole set together: 

Wednesday night I will use this stuff for the first time. Report will follow!
Hope this inspires!
Here are the links to the previous parts:

Part 1, the House this part also has links to the styrene materials!

SC Mike


  1. Great looking pieces of terrain!

  2. Great looking terrain pieces and very instructive tutorials. Thanks for posting.